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Installation and Safety


Binzee® should be fitted to a secure outside wall, where your bin is usually kept. Secure by using the 4x screws and plugs that are provided.
You will require a 7mm masonry drill bit to secure the plugs.
The lower edge of the Binzee® mounting plate should be approximately 150mm (6 inches) above the top edge of the open bin (see illustration).


Ensure your bin is sitting on a level surface to prevent it from tipping when being pressed.
It is advisable that young children and unauthorised persons are not allowed to operate or tamper with Binzee®.
ALWAYS secure Binzee®  in the upright position using the magnetic clamp catch after use.
Remember Binzee® is not a Toy!

To Use

Grasp the Binzee® handle and pull away from the magnetic catch to bring the lever arm forward, swivel the lower pressure plate to an ‘X’ shape and let rest.
Bring the lever arm forward whilst guiding the pressure plate to the top of your bin bag.
Apply gentle downward pressure to the lever arm until it touches the top of the bin and Binzee® has done its job.
Swivel the lower pressure plate back to the storage postion then always return the lever to the upright position, ensuring the magnetic clamp secures Binzee® back to the storage position.


Pinch 2 or 3 holes in your black sack before pressing to allow air to escape